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New Hampshire Soccer Association
Practice Plan Packet with suggested drills (click here to download)

Coaching Resources

Kelley Library has several books and videos. The following are recommendations:
The Baffled Parent's Guide to Great Soccer Drills ISBN#007138488x
The Manual of Soccer Coaching ISBN#????
Soccer Coach's Guide to Practices, Drills & Skills ISBN#0806982187
Soccer Fundamentals with Wiel Coerver (3 VHS tapes).

SYSA has 2 VHS tapes available for loan "FUNdamental Soccer by Karl Dewazien".

Soccer Drills, Training, and Techniques
Website: http://www.dprsports.com/drills.htm

Principles of Youth Coaching
Handout: Principles of Youth Coaching

Soccer Drills
Handout: Soccer Drills

U6 Handbook
Handout: U6 Handbook

U6 Lesson Plans
Handout: U6 Lesson Plans

U8 Guidelines
Handout: U8 Guidelines

U8 Sessions
Handout: U8 Sessions

Characteristics of U6 Players
Handout: Characteristics of U6 Players

Characteristics of U8 Players
Handout: Characteristics of U8 Players

Characteristics of U10 Players
Handout: Characteristics of U10 Players

Characteristics of U12 Players
Handout: Characterisitics of U12 Players

Fun Games for Soccer Practice
Handout: Fun Games for Soccer Practice

Coaching Considerations
Handout: Coaching Considerations