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Salem Youth Soccer Association MISSION

It is the mission of the Salem Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) to provide the best possible soccer experience for players of all abilities. We strive to teach soccer to beginners, and provide the highest level of instruction and competition for advanced players. We are in it for the love of the kids and the love of the game.
SYSA will meet this mission by:

1. Providing the opportunity for all players to participate in all levels of play including Recreational, EDP (Early Developmental Program)  and Travel.

2. Promoting player development by fostering an atmosphere that allows each player to develop their skills to their desired level of play in a fun and fulfilling environment.

3. Providing, as available, financial aide to those players that need assistance.

4. Promoting the development of coaches by offering instructional courses and resources that will allow them to further improve their skills as coaches.

5. Promoting the development of referees (12 years old and up) by offering instructional courses and resources that will allow them to further improve their skills as referees.

6. Promoting a respect for the game of soccer through fair play and sportsmanship.

General Policies:

1.  SYSA requires that all players wear shin guards for all practices/games and highly recommends the use of cleats in ages u8 and above.   

2.  SYSA requires that all players wear their full uniform to each game including league issued shorts, shirt and socks.   Travel/EDP players are required to carry their additional uniform shirt (white) to all game to ensure the team is properly suited if a uniform shirt conflict occurs. 

3.  NO jewlery or hats may be worn at any time during practice or games.  This is to ensure everyones safety.    (please do not get your ears pierced during the soccer season, you will not be allowed to wear earring for any reason!)

4.  During colder months, sweatshirts and warmer clothing is allowed buy players should wear it under thier uniform ensuring their shirt # is always visible.

5.  Respect of/for all referees is expected from all players, coaches and parents.  SYSA has a 0 tolerance policy for inappropriate interaction with a referee.

6.  Anyone injured during a practice or a game MUST report it to the President of SYSA within 48 hours. This will help to determine eligiblilty of NHSA insurance coverage.