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Referee Information

The Reference Code of Ethics from the Referee Administrative Handbook

(1) I will always maintain the utmost respect for the game of soccer.
(2) I will conduct myself honorably at all times and maintain the dignity of my position.
(3) I will always honor an assignment or any other contractual obligation.
(4) I will attend training meetings and clinics so as to know the Laws of the Game, their proper interpretation and their application.
(5) I will always strive to achieve maximum team work with my fellow officials.
(6) I will be loyal to my fellow officials and never knowingly promote criticism of them.
(7) I will be in good physical condition.
(8) I will control the players effectively by being courteous and considerate without sacrificing fairness.
(9) I will do my utmost to assist my fellow officials to better themselves and their work.
(10) I will not make statements about any games except to clarify an interpretation of the Laws of the Game.
(11) I will not discriminate against nor take undue advantage of any individual group on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.
(12) I consider it a privilege to be a part of the U.S. Soccer Federation and my actions will reflect credit upon that organization and its affiliates.

SYSA Referee Guidance
The document in the link below details key points for SYSA referees to follow as well as age based rule modifications to the FIFA Laws Of The Game (LOTG) which should be followed by referees. These modifications are based on SYSA and US Youth Soccer Guidance. 



The next link is advice to referees. This provides detailed clarification on how the laws should be applied from the perspective of a referee. Clear definitions on things like handball, the concept of trifling violations and such like



The final link is some help on filling out a referee report should one be needed. In Rec soccer in general these are seldom required but if any of the following happen. The state guidance on this states: 

As a USSF referee, you are required to fill out and submit the relevant form whenever you have any of the following incidents in one of your games:

  • A send off and red card

  • A caution and a yellow card

  • A serious Injury

  • Dismissal of a coach or other team official

  • Any other incident that should be brought to the attention of the SRA involving the game, teams, team officials or referee team.

A fully filled out report when needed will need to be submitted to both the SYSA league  and the State Referee Administrator (SRA)


Referee Fees (as of Sep 2012)
Referees will be paid for officiating SYSA Recreation. SYSA Rec games are paid by check in the mail, usually 2-3 weeks after the game.

SYSA Recreation games:

U8 - $20

U10 - $20

U12 - $30 Center, $20 AR ($40 if only 1 ref, $30 Center if only 2 ref)

U14+ - $40 Center, $25 AR ($50 if only 1 ref, $40 Center if only 2 ref)



NOTE: If referees earn over a certain dollar amount, they will be issued a 1099G from SYSA per IRS Tax Code. They will have to report this to the IRS as income.    

For scheduling, contact Referee Scheduler on Contacts Page.

Other Refereeing Opportunities

Other refereeing opportunities are available with other leagues and at tournaments in the area. Each has their own assignor who should be contacted.

New Referee Training
Referee Clinics are offered each year by the NH Soccer Referee Instructional Program:


Grade 8: This course is a 2-day 16-hour intensive training clinic in the Laws of the Game. Graduates who also pass the 100 question exam are eligible to work recreational or travel games as a referee or assistant referee up to U-19. Of course, no assignments are made to higher level games until new referees are willing and able to work at that level.

Grade 9: This course is a 1-day 8 hour review of the Laws of the Game, intended for adults who only want to work recreational games, or youth who want to enter refereeing at a lower level of intensity. Graduates who also pass the 50 question exam are eligible to work recreational games as the referee or assistant referee up to U-14. Grade 9 referees are not eligible to work travel games in any position.

Participants in all NHSA referee clinics must be 12 years old at the time of the clinic. See https://sites.google.com/site/nhreferee/ for the latest schedules of new referee training.

SYSA Referee Training Reimbursement Policy
1. Candidate pays and passes a Grade 8 or 9 Referee course exam.
2. After refereeing 8 recreational/edp games, the candidate provides a copy of his/her referee certificate or patch and course receipt to SYSA P.O. Box 209, Salem NH 03079.
3. SYSA will then reimburse the new referee for the course which is usually $50 (but not the patch cost which is usually an additional $40/45).

Existing Referee Training
All USSF registered referees are required to attend in-service training each year to maintain their certification. This requires 4 hours Inservice Training which is available during the offseason by NHSA. The soccer year usually runs from July to July, though your patch is valid from July until December of the next year... strange I know.

Referee News/Forms/Resources
See https://sites.google.com/site/nhreferee/instruction/in-service-training for NH Referee inservice training

See https://sites.google.com/site/nhreferee/home/resources for some useful referee resources