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REC Schedule (Week 4-8)
Morse Fields Times 16-May 23-May 5-Jun 13-Jun Morse...
REC U12 Intertown Schedule Link
SYSA REC Picture Day 5/16
Salem Soccer Spring 2021 Picture Day Sunday May 16, 2021   ORDER ONLINE with...
REC Schedule TOTS-U10 (Week 1-4)
TOTS & U6 Schedule (Every Sunday at the Morse Fields behind Soule...
REC Schedule (Week 4-8)
Morse Fields Times 16-May 23-May 5-Jun 13-Jun
Morse (A-F) 1000-1030 TOTS (A,B,C,D, E, F) TOTS (A,B,C,D, E, F) TOTS (A,B,C,D, E, F) Jamboree (10-1045)
Morse A 1045-1145 Falcons vs. Hawks Lions vs. Vulture Lions vs. Falcons Jamboree (1045-1200)
Morse B 1045-1145 Lions vs. Wolves Hawks vs. Sharks Tigers vs. Sharks Jamboree (1045-1200)
Morse C 1045-1145 Eagles vs. Sharks Coyotes vs. Falcon Eagles vs. Hawks Jamboree (1045-1200)
Morse D 1045-1145 Coyotes vs. Tigers Eagles vs. Jaguars Vultures vs. Wolves Jamboree (1045-1200)
Morse E 1045-1145 Jaguars vs. Vultures Wolves vs. Tigers Jaguars vs. Coyotes Jamboree (1045-1200)
Woodbury    16-May 23-May 5-Jun 13-Jun
5v5 (A) 1000-1100 South Africa vs. Germany USA vs. Brazil USA vs. Ireland Tournament (10-2pm)
5v5 (B) 1000-1100 USA vs. Australia Italy vs. Germany Brazil vs. Germany Tournament (10-2pm)
5v5 (A) 1100-1200 Ireland vs. Italy Spain vs. Ireland South Africa vs. Italy Tournament (10-2pm)
5v5 (B) 1100-1200 Spain vs. Argentina South Africa vs. England Argentina vs. Australia Tournament (10-2pm)
7v7 (C) 1100-1200 Fire vs. Galaxy Sounders vs. Galaxy Galaxy vs. Red Bulls Tournament (10-2pm)
5v5 (A) 1200-100 England vs. Brazil Australia vs. Argentina England vs. Spain Tournament (10-2pm)
7v7 (C) 1200-100 Red Bulls vs. Sounders Red Bulls vs. Fire Sounders vs. Fire Tournament (10-2pm)

by posted 05/07/2021
REC U12 Intertown Schedule Link



by posted 05/07/2021
SYSA REC Picture Day 5/16
Salem Soccer
Spring 2021 Picture Day
Sunday May 16, 2021
ORDER ONLINE with your phone or computer BEFORE PICTURE DAY
  • Lowest Prices if ordered online before picture day, Hundreds of Customizable Products, Free JPG with purchase of Packages 1-5.
  • Go to clixne.com.  Click on "Order Here", then "Sports"
  • Name: Salem Soccer
  • Password: salemspring
  • All athletes should be photographed for the team photo regardless of whether you are buying pictures.  Click Here to see our team picture process
Clix is following all State, local & league Covid-19 guidelines.  We will be photographing every athlete individually.  Virtual team photos are being created from individual photos.  Photographers will be wearing masks, equipment is regularly cleaned, social distancing will be maintained.   PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN SOCCER BALL FOR THE PICTURE.
Questions?  Contact Clix at 603-952-4141 or 

by posted 05/04/2021
REC Schedule TOTS-U10 (Week 1-4)

TOTS & U6 Schedule (Every Sunday at the Morse Fields behind Soule Elementary)


Morse Fields Times 18-Apr 25-Apr 2-May 9-May
Morse (A-F) 1000-1030 TOTS (A,B,C,D, E, F) TOTS (A,B,C,D, E, F) TOTS (A,B,C,D, E, F) TOTS (A,B,C,D, E, F)
Morse A 1045-1145 Wolves. vs Falcons Wolves vs. Sharks Sharks vs. Lions Sharks vs. Falcons
Morse B 1045-1145 Sharks vs. Tigers Hawks vs. Lions Falcons vs. Jaguars Coyotes vs. Hawks
Morse C 1045-1145 Hawks vs. Jaguars Vultures vs. Falcons Coyotes vs. Wolves Tigers vs. Lions
Morse D 1045-1145 Lions vs. Eagles Tigers vs. Jaguars Hawks vs. Vultures Jaguars vs. Wolves
Morse E 1045-1145 Vultures vs. Coyotes Eagles vs. Coyotes Tigers vs. Eagles Vultures vs. Eagles


U8 & U10 Schedule (Every Sunday at the Woodbury Fields behind Woodbury Middle School)

Woodbury  Times 18-Apr 25-Apr 2-May 9-May
5v5 (A) 1000-1100 Australia vs. Ireland Australia vs. Germany Germany vs. USA Germany vs. Ireland
5v5 (B) 1000-1100 Germany vs. Argentina Italy vs. USA Ireland vs. England Spain vs. Italy
5v5 (A) 1100-1200 Italy vs. England Brazil vs. Ireland Spain vs. Australia Argentina vs. USA 
5v5 (B) 1100-1200 USA vs South Africa Argentina vs. England Italy vs. Brazil England vs. Australia
7v7 (C) 1100-1200 Galaxy vs. Red Bulls Sounders vs. Red Bulls Sounders vs. Galaxy  Sounders vs. Fire
5v5 (A) 1200-100 Brazil vs. Spain South Africa vs. Spain Argentina vs. South Africa Brazil vs. South Africa
7v7 (C) 1200-100 Sounders vs. Fire Fire vs. Galaxy Red Bulls vs. Fire Galaxy vs. Red Bulls


by posted 04/11/2021
Field Status
HS Baseball Fld - Salem TBD (5/8) 
HS Field Hockey Field - Salem TBD (5/8) 
HS JV Field - Salem TBD (5/8) 
HS Varsity Field - Salem TBD (5/8) 
Michelle Park - Salem TBD (5/8) 
Morse 11v11 - Salem TBD (5/8) 
Morse 4v4 - Salem TBD (5/8) 
Morse 7v7 - Salem TBD (5/8) 
Morse 9v9 - Salem TBD (5/8) 
North Salem - Salem TBD (5/8) 
Woodbury MS - Salem TBD (5/8) 
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